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pokemon battle 3D for android and ios

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Standard pokemon battle 3D for android and ios

Hello everyone,

When you start to experience Poke Great War, the coaches will be new systems and inevitably misunderstandings when playing, such as the up mistaken pet, skill ... makes the new coach feel weaker and boring.

In this article Ash sums up some experience that Ash coaches must know, hoping to help the coach in the journey to explore the land of the pokemon ~~~

1. Upgrade the mount first (for low vip not too early)

"Up riding and feeling different" if the coach is too focused on pet hunting at the beginning of the game, such as hatching eggs, this will make the coach quite a bit compared to other players. However, Ash only advised to raise to level 21 or 24 (to get the title), if the financial good enough to raise only ^ _ ^ (p/s : some infomation about wood-flooring in here san go cong nghiep, san go,san go cong nghiep gia re)

Trainers can see, the Rising Races pretty much attributes (mounts lv51 but ^^), but only 10% effective when participating in Adventure Pass, Round, Pokemon Raising ... only 100% PK, BOSS world, Battle World, Guild Wars. ...

Note: Make a deposit of 150-200 cents, upgrade to the Top, will refund 10% of the used Xu and Pokemon Result. Whether on a walk or a ride, the property does not decrease as well!

2. Use low level skills to open all 8 skills, then use advanced skill instead

In fact, using low-level skills to unlock 8 skills, when using high-level skills to replace low-level skills, low-level skills will become a box, not only occupy the place where the coach must think of how to eliminate it .

Next, share the method of learning the skills of Ash synthesized (in this skill is high level III, IV, low level is level I, II)

- Step 1: First use a high level skill and 2 low level skills for the first 3 free slots, then use 100 high level skill blocks.

- Step 2: Use low level skill to open the 4th cell, then learn to high level skill and lock again (cost 1000 coins). At this time, the manager has opened 4 - 5 skill squares, of which two high level skills are locked

- Step 3: Same as step 2, use low level skill to open cell 6, then learn to high level skills and lock (spend 2000 cents). Now there are 6 - 7 skill squares in which 3 high level skills are locked.

=> As long as there are 4 advanced skills locked as desired, then using high-level skills instead of the random 4 remaining, so there is a skill for the main pet like it ^^!

Note: skill lock requires to open the number of new skills received (free 1 lock, open 4-6-8 new skill box open 3 times skill lock).

Once you have used the skill, you can unlock other skills without spending any more. Your spell skills increase% SPEED / HP / DAM-CRIT / DEF-ARM.

3. In order to save Stone Remedies, you have to remove the main attribute until the breakthrough and lock it

As refinement consumes large amounts of Refining, but the way to find Rock is quite limited, so quickly break the main attribute of the pet will have advantages. But this way there is no long-term benefit, because when the coach breaks all the attributes, then again using the higher score eradicated, the amount of will also be greater.

Charizard is the CRIT, SPEED, HP, Tyranitar: DAM, SPEED, HP) and lock. In the short term, increase strength, less, but not long-term benefits.

The method is similar to the above, the other is to remove the main attribute to the flawless (within 5 points compared to the gender term) and then locked.

4. Must be notified before hitting the boss guild

Boss Guild is a way to find important donations, the guild master should inform the Boss in advance. Because the reward mechanism is the member who hit the new donation (if more or less damage).

So the correct way is: each member uses the weakest team to fight first, then the last one uses a high power team to kill the Boss, so everyone has a gift.

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san go, san go cong nghiep, san go cong nghiep gia re


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